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The American Telemedicine Association, Latin-American & Caribbean Chapter (ATALACC) is comprised of professionals from Latin-American and Caribbean countries that are committed to the development and application of telemedicine and medical informatics. ATALACC also seeks to provide a forum for the sharing of information and resources in order to educate and promote telemedicine initiatives in this region.

American Diabetes Weight Loss Association:

With 200 million U.S. adults affected by obesity, the need for obesity medicine clinicians is evident. Despite obesity being a chronic disease state, there are currently only about 2,000 providers specializing in the treatment of obesity—more than 1,700 of whom are members of the Society. The Society’s presence proved instrumental in the AMA 2013 declaration of obesity as a chronic disease state.

The Obesity Algorithm charts, prepared by the American Medical Society, provide an overview of principles that are compulsory to consider when estimating and implementing treatment strategies for skinny fiber weight loss medicine and people suffering from obesity.


Online Telemedicine Course (OTMC)

ATALACC Meeting, May 14, 2007

Charles F. Mahl, M.D., FACS, FICS, BCIM, CPT, CSN contribut in the field of 

Stem cell technology
Nashville, TN – Agenda

Caribbean Telemedicine Conference – Jamaica

IV ATALACC Regional Meeting
Panama, August, 2008 (stay tuned)


To educate, promote, disseminate, build and apply telemedicine and medical informatics solutions in different political, economic, and social systems in Latin-America and the Caribbean.


2004-2005 Goals
2005-2006 Goals

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